My Portfolio Site

Welcome to my portfolio site!

I’ve recently updated quite a few things on this site, including my current Technical Artist reel (seen below).

I’ve also updated my scripts on the Scripts and Tutorials page.  Feel free to take a look!



Demo Reel Breakdown:

Stuart Rig (0:05 – 0:17)
-Character built for game development challenge
-Responsible for Modeling, Texturing, and Rigging
-Rig has IK/FK arms and legs, dynamic hair, full face rig with UI
-Available for download at

NASA’s Electric Rover (0:18 – 0:28)
-Vehicle created for NASA simulation designed to test the effects of long duration spaceflight on the neurovestibular senses of astronauts
-Responsible for Modeling and texturing as well as full programming of the associated simulation
-Interfaces with a 6Dof platform to match subject’s movement to screen’s orientation

Cartoony Car Model (0:29 – 0:38)
-Modeled and textured for in-game cinematic for Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Stylized Church Organ (0:39 – 0:49)
-Modeled and textured for in-game cinematic for Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Sebulba’s Podracer (0:50 – 1:00)
-Responsible for modeling and texturing
-Created for a game development challenge with a team of peers

Martian Descent (1:01 – 1:14)
-Part of animation built for a planetarium movie for the Houston Museum of Natural Science
-Responsible for terrain and vehicle modeling and texturing, astronaut rigging, and animation

Space Station (1:15 – 1:34)
-Animated assembly of the International Space Station built in Unity3D for large display museum exhibits
-Responsible for model optimization for realtime use, rigging, animation, and implementation into the Unity3D game engine

Auto Rig Script (1:35 – 1:52)
-Scripts built in MEL create a control rig with a moderate amount of features, such as IK/FK arms and legs, a stretchy IK/FK back, finger controls, scaling, etc.
-Creates locator cloud first for joint positions so the script can be applied to a multitude of character proportions

Character Rig Features – Visual Face Rigging (1:53 – 1:59)
-Created Osipa-based blendshape face rig
-Created Model / Rig

Mirror Blendshape Script (2:00 – 2:11)
-Python script generates left and right versions of symmetrical blendshape
-Creates an even falloff between each side, letting the two sides be used together on one mesh
-Model from Poser

Copy Keys Script (2:12 – 2:30)
-Created MEL script to allow user to copy keyframes from one control rig to another
-Copies only keyframes instead of baking animation so that the second rig is still fully modifiable
-Max Character Rig by Peter Starostin and James Hunt